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EXPERT Spec PS5 Controller

EXPERT Spec PS5 Controller

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Discover the ultimate gaming experience with our Expert Spec, our customisable programmable map controller. Utilise the convenience of on-the-go paddle assignments, even during gameplay!

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🔥 The VIRAL PS5 Controller

Since posting on TikTok, the gaming community can't get enough of our affordable approach and classic e-sports options.



Our goal is to keep our customers happy. Your goal is to secure more W's with your new controller.

Instantly save £90+

When we compared our modified PS5 controller with other brands, we found out you could save over £90. You're supporting a small business created by gamers, for gamers.


🎮 How long does it take?

Our average build time is 5-10 working days. This is subject to change during peak periods but we're always as quick we can be.

✈️ Where do you ship to?

We ship our modified controllers all around the world. Whether it's Middlesbrough or Dubai, we'll get it to you.

🔒 Does it come with warranty?

Absolutely. Your controller is covered by 6-months warranty from the day it arrives to you. Finally, no need to worry about stick drift!

🧬 What is the difference between PRO & EXPERT?

PRO uses a 'fixed' map. You select what buttons the paddles are mapped to and this cannot be changed.

EXPERT uses a 'programmable' map. You can select and adjust the paddle configuration whenever you like, even during a game!