What is controller aftercare?

Controller aftercare is how you take care of your new controller to ensure it stands the test of time.


Ways you can look after your controller:

  • Do not use excessive force when pressing buttons/paddles
  • Do not hit, throw or smash the controller 
  • Do not charge the controller with devices not recommended by the official manufacturers (SONY or Microsoft)
  • Ensure hands are clean before using the controller to prevent debris build up on/within the controller
  • Store the controller safely by unplugging any wires and leaving it in a secure space to prevent dropping or pulling the controller off of your gaming space
  • Do not consume food or drink whilst using the controller to prevent any water damage (water damage also voids your warranty with IN CNTRL)



Look, some games are hard, we get it. Just don't break your controller over a moment of rage. Try letting your anger out elsewhere like a punch bag, pillow or the closest sibling. 

*Please don't actually hurt your sibling...